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Photo Contest: TAGLIT-BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL (Winter 2012)

See below for entries from our TAGLIT-BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL Winter 2012 Photo Contest!


Little Boy Overlooking Jerusalem 

Submitted by: Cali Bulmash, Class of 2012


Sunrise as seen from a Bedouin Tent in the Negev Desert 

Birthright was one of the most substantial learning experiences I’ve ever had, as it allowed me to think about my Jewish identity in every way possible. So even though it sounds corny, when I think about my connection to Israel, the first word that comes to mind is “enlightenment”.

Submitted by: Jeffrey Kerbel, Class of 2015



 Submitted by: Toby Loewenstein, Class of 2013



I took this photo on my 21st birthday during the Jeep ride in the Golan Heights. It was my favorite event and was a great way to kick-off my 21st birthday. The jeep ride was memorable because when we started out it was pouring rain and the path we went on was really muddy. I was constantly amazed that the jeeps could make it up the hills. It also forced everyone in our jeep to become close (literally) because there was so little room. When I was taking a picture out of the front window, our drive threw up the peace sign. I love this photo because our driver was a really nice guy, like everyone else I met in Israel, and I think this photo shows that. 

Submitted by: David Rabinowitz, Class of 2013



Two women praying inside the western wall tunnels at the place closest to the holy of holies.

Submitted by: Katie Rookard, Class of 2013



Submitted by: Seth Sacher, Class of 2014



I wonder what he's wondering...

Taken at the Western Wall from the women's side looking through to the men's side. If you look closely you can see a young boy peering through the wall quizzically.  

Submitted by: Phoebe Sanderson, Class of 2014




Of the many hundreds of photos I took, I chose this photo, a close-up of cracks in the Western Wall because I see in it not just the breaks the wall incurred over time, but also its incredible endurance over its long history. Like the Jewish people, it survived thousands of years, despite intense wear and tear. Visiting the Western Wall was not only my favorite part of our trip, but also the most meaningful to me -- I, too, now feel connected to the Jewish people through this legacy of strength.

Submitted by: Haley Swartz, Class of 2015


From the vantage point of Masada’s peak, I watch the sun climb over the Jordan Mountains and spill into the Dead Sea. It’s an intoxicating, beautiful sight at a tremendously proud moment, sitting freely as a Jew surveying our profoundly inspiring state of Israel.


Submitted by: Jonathan Weinstein, Class of 2014



Submitted by: Samantha Weiser, Class of 2014





The soldiers truly defined the trip for all of us and this picture illustrates that we came together despite coming from different worlds and that the uniform (boots in this case) don't have an impact.

Submitted by: Brittany Wengel, Class of 2014

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